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  • Category Network security
  • Program license Free
  • Version 74.0
  • Works under: Windows 11
  • Program available in English
  • Program by XVPN

A Review of X-VPN

VPN is initialism for "Virtual Private Network," and it's a software program that changes your Internet Service Protocol (IP address), which enables you to browse privately, view blocked content in other countries, and generally browse online more safely. X-VPN is one of the lesser known VPN programs out there available for Windows, but it's also one of the most highly rated options that people review well once they find out about it.

At first glance, X-VPN appears to be just like the many other VPN programs available on the market. However, this particular program offers a few benefits and features that aren't very common with other similar programs.

What X-VPN Is

X-VPN is a no-logging VPN program, which means that this program does not take personal Internet logs from your computer when you activate and use the program. This is a pretty big deal for people who get VPNs specifically to browse safely. It means that there are no logs that can potentially be retrieved from your usage.

It was a VPN that was created during the streaming craze a few years ago, and was developed to help mask a user's original IP so that they could log into sites from addresses in other countries. So, as a true VPN program, X-VPN does a good job at masking your address.

How X-VPN Works

One of the strongest points of X-VPN is that it has a user-friendly interface. Even if you have never used a VPN before, the instructions on the program are straightforward. You simply turn the program on, and it will automatically change your IP. From there, you can get into the system and specifically select the country or city you want for your IP.

The On/Off toggle control feature is good, but there are also two different versions here. With a free version, you're not going to get a wide range of locations. If you pay for the full program, you have access to a much wider pool of IP locations to use.

The Features of X-VPN

X-VPN features over a dozen various countries you can use for your IP, including the US, USA, CAN, AUS, and more. There's also a peer-to-peer support feature here, which allows you to connect your VPN specifically to a range of file-sharing websites so that your address is hidden when you're hosting a file. Other than that, X-VPN doesn't carry a ton of features.

Pros and Cons of X-VPN

Pros of X-VPN

  • A very user-friendly program that's easy to control
  • Full version gives access to over a dozen countries
  • P2P file-sharing system support
  • Fast, with up to 35MBs/sec speed
  • Lightweight program doesn't sap up much RAM

Cons of X-VPN

  • Cannot do much with the free version
  • Doesn't have a whole lot of features
  • Users report IP fail issues in some countries
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